Common Problems With The DPF System

Here are some common problems with DPF system

Lack of fuel mileage

Low Fuel economy is the main complaint by the drivers who have trucks with a DPF in their pre-2007 models. These people are entirely hopeless due to not enough fuel-mileage. The average fuel economy, we notice people statement on the DPF equipped trucks are normally 14 miles per gallon.

BigRigPower Diesel Particulate Filter unit

Frequent Regens

Most the drivers make a complaint about frequent regens which destroy their engine performance and fuel mileage.

Numerous customers who work outside during the cold months were used to leave their old diesel engine running throughout the day. The trucks equipped with DPF can’t handle this. The cooler temperatures such as in Edmonton, AB, soot-up the DPF quite fast.

It isn’t exceptional for the big rig drivers to be on their 2nd or 3rd filter replace since the truck entered the continuous limp mode.

You can’t let your new trucks idle, this works absolutely fine for the people who are stuck at a job site where the temps are not more than ten degrees throughout the year.


Huge Replacement Cost

For those who have experienced to spend on a DPF upgraded out of warranty, they most likely had a heart attack while seeing the bill. And here is the scary part, the life of DPF is predicted between 120,000 and 150,000 MLS. An upgraded DPF works approximately $3000-$3600 for the just the filter. If you are considering to maintain your new diesel truck for several hundred thousand miles better, get started a DPF fund.

Restricts performance modifications

With newer diesel trucks, the improvement in horsepower potential is incredible. BigRigpower has taken all the various brands of diesel vehicles over 500 horsepower with just a consumption, exhaust, and programming, which is so easy and affordable.

People who run a 100 HP program report indigent fuel mileage and constant regens. For More information about DPF Delete system, please visit or call 1-855-244-7441 FREE or 780-757-5990